What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the collective name for the range of activities aimed at increasing the position of a website (or webpage) within search engine results pages (SERPs). It is a truly earned type of media where a combination of technical enhancements, great content and targeted promotion will improve your chances of being discovered at the top of a search engine.

From a customer acquisition perspective, SEO has the unique ability to capture the attention of the user; from a high-level target audience to those looking for a specific product or service, with a much lower price tag than other paid digital activity. While it may cost less, SEO is at its best when it works in tandem with PPC, as the data and insights from one will enhance the other.

What we do

With Google handling trillions of searches each year, we ensure our activity is aimed at finding the specific searches from your audience. We work together with PR, PPC and data teams to discover how your brand can stand out and ensure highly targeted traffic is being driven to your site.

SEO services range from technical, UX, content creation and in-depth analysis of consumer data to truly understand what the user wants. Our content offering includes professional copywriting and the development and amplification of creative, interactive content to keep users engaged and coming back for more.


Utilising industry-leading and in-house proprietary tools, as well as our own expert knowledge and intuition, we provide a platform that allows you to promote your business naturally, measuring, analysing, and reporting every step of the way. We’re a data-driven agency and that extends to our SEO and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) team, whose knowledge and expertise is adapted and aligned to each of our client partners.

Our approach to SEO

Our starting point is to conduct an SEO audit of your site and your competitors, to establish your position in the market and where the opportunities lie. We determine the best possible activity to conduct based on your environment, goals and target audience.

Thereafter, we will map out the recommended activity, from technical amendments to content creation and link acquisition. During this process we continuously analyse and adapt our processes to ensure we are keeping up to date with the latest developments and testing every possible opportunity as more information and data becomes available.

Cross-channel integration, combined with efficient and transparent processes, ensure our client partners are kept up to date at every stage of the process. From social to PR, aligning channels with brand marketing allows us to leverage activity and assets internally, with clients and other stakeholders.

Reporting and insights

Our strategic approach to SEO is always long term, and at ARM a huge part of this process involves understanding your products, services and customers. With research and analysis at the forefront of everything we do, we help you understand SEO performance by breaking down your search engine activity, providing detailed insights about your industry and competitors. This approach has allowed us to consistently deliver results across some of the most competitive markets in the UK.

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