Charity is performing well year-on-year, with June indexing above the agency average. Typically, we would expect to see the summer months’ response rates slow down, so this is encouraging. Finance continues to track close to the agency average, and expectations are that response will continue to be strong over the summer. Bank of England figures show that whilst approvals for house purchases fell for the fourth consecutive month, short-term lending remains high and in line with the 10% annual growth rate with no sign of slowing. Whilst overseas travel is down 5% compared to last year, we have seen a spike in response rate, which is positive and potentially reflects our base of travel clients, which are older and more financially secure. Personal wellbeing as a category has slowed, as has retail, although we expect retail to pick up once the effect of the summer sales is apparent next month. Home improvement has remained low although again, as with retail, we expect this to have a significant boost for July following sales activity.