What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) refers to the advertising placements that exist on search engine results pages (SERPs); also encompassing device, shopping, remarketing, video and app stores campaigns to name a few. Examples include the search results labelled ‘Ad’ usually found at the top of Google or Bing’s SERPs, or the shopping examples that appear when a particular product is searched for. As with other digital media channels, PPC is a rapidly evolving medium that requires vast expertise, innovation and the real-time optimisation of campaigns.

What we do

As a top 10 Google agency in the UK, we deliver sophisticated paid search solutions for our client partners, spanning multiple countries and also multiple search engines, with the single focus of driving the most effective media performance, which integrates with above the line channels to extract maximum returns. Our vastly experienced digital team, which includes over 30 Google Qualified individuals, is situated across our London, Leeds, Amsterdam and Paris offices.

Our approach to PPC

PPC campaigns are not keyword focused, they are audience-focused.

PPC has moved on from keywords being the only intent signal, and we are seeing the positive impact on performance when campaigns are designed around audiences, supported by keyword signals.

We believe that this is not only the future evolution of PPC, giving our clients a competitive advantage in a highly competitive space, but also an imperative strategic shift to deliver a truly omnichannel digital strategy. We integrate PPC campaigns alongside all online and offline media channels to accommodate the increasing complexity and fragmentation that exists in the advertising space and create cohesion across the channel mix.

Reporting and insights

Our longstanding partnership with Google and their Google Marketing Platform (formerly known as DoubleClick, and DS3 specifically for PPC), provides All Response Media access to best-in-class search technology and cutting edge beta access for our client partners, and the platform to innovate and create new solutions in the market.

All Response Media’s “Digital Pulse” dashboard, which sits within ARMalytics®, provides a daily heartbeat of how campaigns are performing in accordance with key performance indicators (KPIs). With client partners able to log in themselves, this delivers full transparency of performance to all stakeholders, thus allowing regular reports to be insight and action-orientated for the faster development of PPC campaigns. We have also developed a toolbox of ‘AdWords Scripts’, driving both efficiency of workflow and identification of performance opportunities.

Our Tech Ops team supports our PPC strategies with specialist data projects to deliver real business insight. These advanced data projects are bespoke to each client to solve business challenges and deliver further insight into the impact of your advertising investment.

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