Social Media

What is Social Media?

Social media’s importance to businesses cannot be understated, as the vast majority of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media content. But although the internet’s favourite activity has seen several shifts since its inception, All Response Media has remained a constant innovator within the social domain, helping clients to identify their audience and interact with them all over the world to great effect.

What we do

We specialise in using paid social media tactics to drive acquisition for our partners. Depending on the client, vertical and bespoke KPIs, we use a range of social platforms to deliver success, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, to Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. We deliver these performance successes for our client partners by having a different acquisition approach to many. Firstly, we identify the data strategy prior to defining the paid social media strategy. This approach drives smarter media execution by delivering richer and more refined data signals to inform the media activity; thus delivering better performance.

Our approach to Social Advertising

Our data-first approach does not just allow for smarter paid social media strategies, but for smarter cross-media strategies that drive acquisition. How is your PPC activity driving your paid social media acquisition performance? How is your TV investment reflected in your paid social bid strategies? It is these media synergies that set us apart and deliver incremental success for our client partners.

We take a programmatic approach to paid social, leveraging data to ensure that we are ever-increasing what is achievable for our clients. We find the benefits of paid social transcend singular channel goals, providing an ideal opportunity for clients to bring their marketing activity together. With any paid social activity we also ensure that all channels are benefitting from direct response, while also working towards the same goals to drive awareness and reach.

Building a natural two-way conversation with your audience is integral to social success, and that’s why we place emphasis on the integrity of your brand. We have experience operating in complex and compliance-oriented sectors, and we’re experts in developing different media channels for continued brand development and online communication.

Reporting and insights

All Response Media’s ‘Digital Pulse’ dashboard, within our ARMalytics® platform, provides a daily heartbeat of how campaigns are performing versus KPIs. In addition to this, our experienced digital team leverage their depth of expertise and close working relationships with the social networks to provide insight and recommendations to our client partners.

Providing weekly and monthly reporting, we break down the data and place emphasis on analytical commentary. We understand the importance of context in social analysis, and that’s why we continuously monitor market trends, competitor activity and other external influences to offer a holistic view of your social goals and achievements.

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