Outdoor Advertising

What is Outdoor advertising?

Outdoor, or out of home (OOH), media is a catch-all term for paper and digital poster and billboard advertising which is displayed in environments including roadside, transport, retail, and leisure (cinemas, gyms). To many, OOH advertising may not be an obvious choice as a response-driving, customer acquisition medium, and whilst a number of OOH opportunities can offer some degree of audience targeting due to their location, its real strength as a medium is its ability to reach large numbers of broad audiences quickly.

Via digital upgrades, it is a surprisingly innovative medium that can boast dwell times that leave other channels behind. If used correctly, it can be a hugely effective medium for driving response and attracting high-value customers. The selection at an advertiser’s disposal when it comes to OOH is simply vast. From billboards to train stations, tube carriage panels to bus stop digital screens, all the way down to coffee cup and napkin adverts, the opportunity to reach the right audience at the right time is available in a variety of approaches.

What we do

Our clients have a range of objectives, from customer acquisition to raising brand awareness and rebranding. Dwell time is a key part of making outdoor work and viable for achieving strict marketing objectives. If you have the attention of an audience for a reasonable period of time, it increases engagement and makes a unique selling point easier to communicate. If you give them a reason to act now, you can have a very strongly performing campaign on outdoor with immediate results.

Our approach to Outdoor Advertising

For customer acquisition briefs, we handle OOH with care; whilst it does generate wide reach, choosing the wrong sites can seriously harm results. Locations such as the London Underground and train interiors afford advertisers the opportunity to communicate their message in an environment which is conducive to driving and achieving a response. TouchPoints data shows that people are bored for 55% of their time spent travelling on the tube or via train, making this a strong environment for response-based advertising.

Reporting and insights

Whilst OOH advertising is a challenging medium to attribute response to, our in-house econometricians and data scientists work closely with the client account teams to calculate the uplift in metrics delivered by the campaigns. This analysis allows us to compare the effect of OOH campaigns alongside all other media activity.

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